CodePen Experiments

I use CodePen to experiment with new web tech and to create reduced test cases. All of my pens are publically available.

GitHub Projects

Whenever possible, I host all of my projects publically on GitHub. I love coding in hackathons so there is no shortage of hastily built, but super fun projects there.

Baby Boomer

Can AngularJS be used to create an infinite scroller? Yes. Should it? No. But I did it anyways! Play as a lost baby navigating the infinite aisles of a grocery store, dodging tipped carts and more.


Play as an Armadyne, an armadillo/porcupine hybrid, and race to victory! Use your hardened shell to race at insane speeds, then use your spikes to scale walls! Collect power-ups to disadvantage your opponents and win!


What if you could go grocery shopping without leaving the comfort of your own home? In this 2 day hackathon, my team explored ways to build a VR shopping experience that brings the store shelves to your VR world. While we're in VR, we might as well shop in the forest or on a mountain or in Skyrim.

Physics Engine

I built a physics engine with C++ and DirectX and uploaded some of the more ridiculous demos to YouTube. Like when I used it to build a Newton's cradle, an overly interconnected cube of springs, or even the Solar System.