About Me

Hi! I'm Justin. I make games, websites, and other interactive media. My passion lies in programming immersive user interfaces, but I like to tinker and experiment with all aspects of technology.

Check out things I've made on my GitHub, YouTube, and CodePen!

Featured Projects

Baby Boomer

Can AngularJS be used to create an infinite scroller? Yes. Should it? No. But I did it anyways! Play as a lost baby navigating the infinite aisles of a grocery store, dodging tipped carts and more.

Physics Engine

I built a physics engine with C++ and DirectX and uploaded some of the more ridiculous demos to YouTube. Like when I used it to build a Newton's cradle, an overly interconnected cube of springs, or even the Solar System.


What if you could go grocery shopping without leaving the comfort of your own home? In this 2 day hackathon, my team explored ways to build a VR shopping experience that brings the store shelves to your VR world. While we're in VR, we might as well shop in the forest or on a mountain or in Skyrim.